Transformation: Interpretation of Space and Place

Myself along with painters Beth Goldstein and Mary Barr Rhoads will be featured together in the exhibition Transformation: Interpretation of Space and Place. The physical environment of the inner city and the dense architectonic shapes which reference musical allegories and all over pictorial rhythm are a consistent theme in my work. Complimenting the theme of the exhibition, I will present a compilation of paintings that I have completed over the past two to three years. Though the subject matter and intent remains the same in these works, there is a shift with how space and place with my subjects is interpreted. To find out more information about this exhibition go to its event page in facebook.


Avondale Pride

It is truly an honor to work with ArtWorks once again as the Project Manager for the Avondale Pride Mural. For four weeks myself along with my teaching artist Amanda Colley and eight talented Apprentice Artists, Steven Cavanaugh, Mariah Clark, Sam Cope, Avondale Youth Council member Armonie’ Demus, Kwesi – Kyles Taylor, Teresa Parker, Kelly Sadlon, and Isaac Walker, had the task making the mural that was inspired by the words and aspirations of the Avondale Youth Council come to life. Though the final design was completed weeks before we began, my apprentices on our first day of work brought to the table ideas that where latter incorporated in the completed mural. It’s the faith,patients,confidence and hard work that my team displayed day in and day out that made this collaborative community driven project work. The design is based on a map of Avondale, which includes some of the major streets that links the neighborhood together. This mural that celebrates peace, hope, victory, and pride is framed with the rich architecture of the monuments that rest on Reading Road along with images that reference home,family and recreational parks. I would like to send a special thanks to the Avondale Youth Council for inspiring me from day one. My team of talented artists had the muscle that got the job done and I could not have done it without them by my side. Most of all I would like to thank ArtWorks and the sponsors who believe in giving our city great public art for us and generations to enjoy.

Follow these links to see our team on Local 12 News and WLWT News 5

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My Summer at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center

From turning junk yard automobiles into works of art to creating paintings and drawings that where featured in the Community Art Centers Day Parade, my Summer at Kennedy Heights Arts Center’s Camp Create and Hill Top Apartments Art Camp was one to remember. Thank you to all the young artist I had the honor of working with who inspired me to give my very best. I will return to Kennedy Hieghts Arts Center this fall for the Teen Art Studio that I will be instructing. To find out more information on this and other educational programs for the youth the Kennedy Heights Arts Center follow this link
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For a Better World 2011

Thank you Saad Ghosn editor and creator of “ For a Better World 2011” eighth edition for including me in this unique compilation of poems and drawings. This book features over 100 artists in the field of writing and the visual artist who collaborated on the common theme of peace and justice. The drawing I did for this book, “The Working Hands of Time in the New Eden” was inspired by the three poems, “My Fathers Work Gloves”, “Uninspirited” and “The Sand Wars” written by Matt Birkenhauer. The book is filled with other great writings accompanied with strong visual imagery that evokes the mind and spirit. If you would like a copy of this book it is sold at the Alice F. and Harris K. Weston Art Gallery in the Aronoff Center for the Arts or contact Saad Ghosn directly at GHOSNS@UCMAIL.UC.EDU.