My Summer in Kennedy Heights

This past summer I had the pleasure of being the teaching artist for painting and drawing at the Kennedy Height Arts Center (KHAC) Camp Create Summer camp. For four weeks I along with Bet Stewart (drama instructor), Baba Charles (music instructor), Natalie Hager (photography instructor) and camp director John Cooper, gave the kids of the camp an artistic experience they would never forget. The real joy of the experience was having the students visit my studio in Over- the- Rhine Cincinnati where we toured some of the sights that inspire my recent paintings and drawings. The students along with one of the apprentices from the Raymond Thunder Sky legacy Mural, Bryn Sharp, assisted me with the Kennedy Heights Neighborhood Harmony Piano for the “Play Me I’m yours” project. Shortly after my four weeks at Camp Create, I along with Xavier intern Catherine Stahl, shared some of lessons I taught earlier that summer to the children at Hilltop Apartments in Kennedy Heights. My Hilltop class also visited my studio and had the opportunity to visit some of the galleries on Main Street. This was a very rewarding summer for me as well as the students I taught. I just started a new class at Hilltop Apartments for the fall and I’m currently teaching a drawing and painting class at the Kennedy Heights Art Center. To register for this and other programs at the KHAC follow this link. Thanks for a great summer!

2 thoughts on “My Summer in Kennedy Heights

  1. Hey, what do you say! This was a great summer with a special group who bonded together to make our world a sunshiny day at the Kennedy Hts. Arts Center. Thank you to the great artists who made it happen: Cedric, Bet, Baba Charles, Natalie, Hope, Catherine, Adoria, Jim, Ellen, Ilene, Stephanie and the special musicians who helped us find our rhythm in so many ways. The student artists were AWESOME!

    Can’t wait to see all of you again soon!

    John Cooper

  2. Wow, this looks like such an amazing experience! The creative energy of the kids and the participants really leaps off the photos, with both sight and sound. Great, innovative, collaborative, inspirational work!

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