“2+2=5: Collaborations”

"A Tribute to Thunder- Sky" by Cedric Michael Cox and Raymond Thunder- Sky

It’s an honor to be apart of the Thunder-Sky Inc. “2+2=5: Collaberations” exhibition. Like the Raymond Thunder-Sky Legacy Mural designed by Antonio Adams, I was once again inspired by the spirit of Raymond and his everlasting love for the circus. Follow this link to learn more about the exhibition and the timeless collaboration between Antonio Adams and Brian Joiner

Raymond Thunder-Sky was one of the founding artists of “Art Thing” which latter became known today as Visionaries and Voices, established in 2003. Discovered by Bill Ross in 1999, Raymond was know as the colorful construction clown who traveled around the city of Cincinnati with his hard hat and tool box filled with art supplies and ideas. Raymond visited numerous construction sites around the city and drew vivid drawings of recking balls tearing down local landmarks and buildings. The colorful drawings symbolized deconstruction and rebirth with images depicting the breaking down of the old to make way for the new. Raymond’s love for the circus and the clown lifestyle, reminds us of how we are all young at heart and how change should be welcomed and not feared.

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