Avondale Pride

It is truly an honor to work with ArtWorks once again as the Project Manager for the Avondale Pride Mural. For four weeks myself along with my teaching artist Amanda Colley and eight talented Apprentice Artists, Steven Cavanaugh, Mariah Clark, Sam Cope, Avondale Youth Council member Armonie’ Demus, Kwesi – Kyles Taylor, Teresa Parker, Kelly Sadlon, and Isaac Walker, had the task making the mural that was inspired by the words and aspirations of the Avondale Youth Council come to life. Though the final design was completed weeks before we began, my apprentices on our first day of work brought to the table ideas that where latter incorporated in the completed mural. It’s the faith,patients,confidence and hard work that my team displayed day in and day out that made this collaborative community driven project work. The design is based on a map of Avondale, which includes some of the major streets that links the neighborhood together. This mural that celebrates peace, hope, victory, and pride is framed with the rich architecture of the monuments that rest on Reading Road along with images that reference home,family and recreational parks. I would like to send a special thanks to the Avondale Youth Council for inspiring me from day one. My team of talented artists had the muscle that got the job done and I could not have done it without them by my side. Most of all I would like to thank ArtWorks and the sponsors who believe in giving our city great public art for us and generations to enjoy.

Follow these links to see our team on Local 12 News and WLWT News 5

Local 12 News

WLWT News 5

5 thoughts on “Avondale Pride

  1. Cedric- the blog is hot, the mural is hot, the project team is hot, artworks is hot, and HOME IS AVONDALE! Man, I LOVE YALL!! In a couple of years we’ll be talking about just how spiritually significant this work has been. I hope and pray that yall feel me when i say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! God bless each and everyong one of you!


  2. CEDRIC, This is a wonderful display of the quality, breadth and significance of your work. Congratulations to you and your team. We wish you were in
    Aunt Sandra & Uncle Lamar

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