E. H. Greene Intermediate School presents “City Creations II”

City Creations II by the 5th and 6th grade students of E.H. Greene Intermediate School

It was an absolute honor to return to E.H. Greene Intermediate School as their artist in residence. For one week I had the pleasure of engaging with 5th and 6th graders from art instructors Amy Glazer and Katy Hall’s class about my work and journey as an artists. In addition to the students learning about my influences and the artist that interest me, I introduced to them to a new project that was inspired by my interactive piece in the UnMuseum of the Contemporary Arts Center called “City Creations”. In the weeks that followed after my visit the student designed and painted on magnets with images of buildings and other urban inspired geomertic architectonic shapes and forms. These pieces then interchanged like a giant magnetic jigsaw puzzle on a magnetic canvas where veiwers interacted with the art by rearranging and recreating another work of art with each adjustment. They named their final creation “City Creations II”. Once again I would like to thank art educators Amy Glaser and Katy Hall for encouraging such great masterpiece. Thank you Principal Phil Hackett and The Montgomery Woman’s Club for making my visit possible. Most importantly I would like to thank all the students that I met, who showed interest in the work I do. These are the kind of moments that are timeless and meaningful to my career and my life.

“City Creations” Currently at the UnMuseum at the Contemporary Arts Center from the exhibition Soul with in Structure was the source of inspiration for the students

City Creations II by the 5th and 6th grade students of E.H. Greene Intermediate School

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