Adding more color to Gabriel’s Garden

For the past three weeks I have had the privilege of working with a the artist/campers of the Kennedy Heights Arts Center on painting a mural on the tool shed of Gabriel’s Place in the community of Avondale.  My self along with campers, Mycah Faison, Jade Colon, Kaitlyn Jones, Jayla Stricklen, Freddie Cocheron, CC Roberts, Evan Hodnett, Haley Harper, Brendel Stadler, Miles Blenman, Micayah Smith, Allie O’ Malley, Alex Wilson, with former ArtWorks apprentices Isaac Walker and Bryn Sharp with Art Institute of Chicago intern Leah Ransohoff-Englert,  painted rain and shine on this work of art that celebrates Gabriel’s mission to provide a safe and nourishing gathering place for the Avondale community.  The first week we designed, the second week we painted and the third week we battled with the elements to complete the work and when we looked upon what we created, we saw that it was good. Thank you Gabriel’s Place for the inviting us to make great art and most of all thank you Kennedy Heights Arts Center campers for making their garden glow. You are truly great and I was truly blessed to work with such a great team! To learn more about Gabriel’s Place follow this link.

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