Spherical Perspectives at Thomas More College


In conjunction with the art apprenticeship program at Thomas More College, the exhibition Spherical Perspectives will feature works by myself and Thomas More Junior Art Major Ben Kleier.  It was a pleasure working with Ben in my studio. His Insight and suggestions helped shape the outcome of some of my favorite paintings with in the past year.  As artists we are both involved in interpreting space and environment in our work.  A common ground is drawn in our interest in collaboration and exploration of differing genres in art as a source of inspiration.  Though this show will feature works that capture the outcome of our creative journeys, the exhibition will also share how Ben and I use similar planing techniques to get to the final conclusion.  Daytime opening reception for students and faculty will be on Tuesday March 3rd from 12 to 2pm at the Eva G. Farris gallery at Thomas More. The artist talk will be from 2:15pm –  3pm and the Evening opening will run from 4pm  – 7pm. The exhibition will continue through March 20th, 2015.

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