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Please consider making a donation in 2014 to help support AEQAI Magazine, a source of unquestionable value to the creative vitality of the city of Cincinnati. Over the years AEQUI and its writers, both nationally and abroad, provided insightful and informative criticism on art, artist, and the places and people who shape the creative community. As a proud board member of AEQAI I am asking friends, patrons  and art lovers to help us continue the work we do. To make a donation follow this link.

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AEQAI, now in its fourth year, produces the only critical coverage of the visual arts on a monthly basis in Greater Cincinnati and our region. AEQAI offers analysis and review of current exhibits and in depth profiles of visual arts opinion makers in Cincinnati, including patrons, board members, curators, working artists and others in the area’s increasingly vital visual arts communities. Our most recent issue includes reviews from the Carl Solway Gallery, the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, Manifest Gallery, the Sharonville Arts Center, the Taft Museum and the Wexner Center, as well as interviews with CAM Director Cameron Kitchin and artists Jane Alden Stevens and Stewart Goldman.

AEQAI is attracting, on average, 20,000 unique readers a month, with over, 456,000 page visits thus far. This number has grown from approximately 300 visitors a month in 2010.

AEQAI’s readership now includes major American cities, such as Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. The editor receives press for exhibits from these areas as well as Charlotte, Houston, Minneapolis, Nashville, London, Seattle, Singapore, Tokyo and Tel Aviv. AEQAI’s outreach is consistent with the goals of business and civic leaders in Cincinnati who want to position our city as an international leader in urban life and culture. AEQAI has been singled out for excellence in critical writing by several important peer groups.

AEQAI is published with the aid of 50 reviewers, an editor and technical support each month, with a modest budget of approximately $25,000 a year. In order to continue with the valuable coverage of the visual arts at museums, universities and galleries in Cincinnati and the region, AEQAI depends upon contributions from citizens like you.

Thank You,

Daniel Brown, Editor
Marta Hewett, Board President

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