Gallery Swarm Exhibition

I very happy to announce my return to Chicago with my latest exhibition at Gallery Swarm with native Chicago artist James Schneider. The Opening Reception is January 21st and the exhibition will continue through February 13th.

Reaching for the Stars

On May 3rd 2010, I along with seven other young entrepreneurs was honored with the Reaching for the Stars Program, Leader of the Future Award. The event took place at Robert Paideia Academy. Sallie Elliot the founder of the Program and former Cincinnati Bengal and past Leader of the Future Recipient, now NFL game analyst Solomon Wilcots hosted the event. Congressman Steve Driehaus and attorney Stanley M. Chesley were on the roster to hand out the awards to some of our cities finest leaders in education, business, and medicine. The real high light of the afternoon was watching four Paideia students form the 7th and 8th grade be recognized for there had work throughout the school year. Hats off to Chris Ringer, Benjamin Stieritz, India Roach, and Luis Temaj, for their hard work in and out of the classroom. They are our next leaders of the future. Photograph by Sean Kelly.

Contemporary Connections at the CAC

It was a privilege and honor to be a part of the Contemporary Connections Series at the Contemporary Arts Center.  I always enjoy sharing my work with others, but what made this evening unique was the fact that I was also sharing how my journey as a visual artist plays a big role in the lessons I create for the students that I teach.  I demonstrated three exciting lesson plans to an audience of art educators from different fields of interest. The audience not only watched they also had a chance to create. My favorite lesson was the Interactive Cityscape based on my Interactive magnetic painting that was featured in the Soul with in Structure Exhibition which is now a part of The Unmuseums Interactive Art collection. Thanks to all who attended this event and most of all thank you Contemporary Arts Center for the opportunity. We had lots of fun.

Aeqai: Adumbrationes: Cedric Michael Cox at the Carnegie

Visions on Elm by Cedric Cox, 48x48 inches, acrylic on stretched canvas

Visions on Elm by Cedric Cox, 48x48 inches, acrylic on stretched canvas

Check out A.C. Frabetti’s review of Urban Rapture, my exhibit of new paintings that’s currently on view at The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center in Covington, KY:

Though Cedric uses the term ‘quilt’ to describe in part his approach to his paintings, they could just as easily be mosaics, or even stained glass, given their use of dark lines separating the colors.

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