Reaching for the Stars

On May 3rd 2010, I along with seven other young entrepreneurs was honored with the Reaching for the Stars Program, Leader of the Future Award. The event took place at Robert Paideia Academy. Sallie Elliot the founder of the Program and former Cincinnati Bengal and past Leader of the Future Recipient, now NFL game analyst Solomon Wilcots hosted the event. Congressman Steve Driehaus and attorney Stanley M. Chesley were on the roster to hand out the awards to some of our cities finest leaders in education, business, and medicine. The real high light of the afternoon was watching four Paideia students form the 7th and 8th grade be recognized for there had work throughout the school year. Hats off to Chris Ringer, Benjamin Stieritz, India Roach, and Luis Temaj, for their hard work in and out of the classroom. They are our next leaders of the future. Photograph by Sean Kelly.

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