Brian Joiner Retrospective was a Hit!

Thanks to all who attended the Brian Joiner Retrospective Exhibition on April 23rd at the studio of Mary Barr Rhodes. The exhibition celebrated the life and work of Cincinnati’s finest artist Brian Joiner. The evening was hosted by Pamela and Lennel Myricks, Mary Barr Rhodes, Margie and Allen Schneider, Mary Hieder, Brian Huehls, Shirley Hudson, Annie Bolling, Bill Ross,Tamara Harkavy, Sara Pearce, Leslie Shiels, Robert S. Duncanson Society, and Ace Hardware in Clifton and many others who contributed in an endless effort in making the event one of the top art extravaganzas of the year. Music by Eugene Goss and Triage filled the room as the art hung by guest curators Anthony Becker, Mark Harris, Matt Morris, David Rosenthal and myself gave the attendees a vivid review of Brian’s amazing talent. As many of you in the arts community may know Brian Joiner is battling cancer, but along with the help of his friends he is putting up a good fight.
Photography by Hannah Girham

One thought on “Brian Joiner Retrospective was a Hit!

  1. I am interested in Mr Joiner’s artwork. Where can I view his art that is for sale ? I am sorry to hear about his illness. I will pray that he will be completely healed. I have a friend that has a piece of his art that is made like a puzzle. I really like that piece. This is the only piece I have seen. It is awesome.

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