A Taste of the Taft part one: a sneak peak of paintings in progress


For the last several months I have been working on new pieces that will be exhibited at the Taft Museum of Art on March 17th 2017. The exhibition Color + Rhythm, will feature art work inspired by the museum’s permanent collection. Preview some of my paintings in progress.

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Recent Paintings and Drawings at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center

The exhibition Talking Blues, featuring recent paintings and drawings by Cedric Michael Cox holds a metaphoric and literal definition with works that celebrate his  cubist influence, fused with literal elements from the worlds of music, architecture, nature and the eternal creative spirit.

“Historically my art draws from Cubism and the fracturing of forms through the picture plane.  In contemporary terms, I deconstruct the meaning of music in particular and the elements of urban and natural environments.  This past school year I had the honor of celebrating the artwork of Spanish Cubist painter Juan Gris in my lessons with my students.  Unlike Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and other artist who occasionally used cubism as a means of expression, Gris stayed loyal to the movement and created works of art that still to this day inspire me. Reviewing Gris’s work and other past influences that worked in the genre ignited a new insight and interest in my painting.  As Miles Davis( in Jazz) or Picasso termed  the color Blue in their art forms, Talking Blues, is my own reference to the rediscovery of past influence and how it still  evokes the visual experiences that arouse my senses, as I examine and interpret, the world around me, quietly and loudly.” Come out to the Clifton Cultural Arts Center for the opening reception on October 2nd. The exhibition will continue through November 5th, 2015

Rediscovering Juan Gris at the Gallery project

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On November 22nd and December 6th, of this year, I had the pleasure of hosting an art making workshop at The Gallery Project, celebrating the artwork of Spanish painter Juan Gris (1887 – 1927).  Unlike Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and other artist who occasionally used cubism as a means of expression, Gris stayed loyal to the movement and created works of art that still to this day inspire me and my work.  The students who participated in the class were also inspired by Gris’s paintings and created their own vivid interpretations of his famous compositions of guitars, violins and bottles.  The artwork that was created at The Gallery Project will be featured at the Upstairs at the Greenwich Gallery for the Blue Bridge Jazz Art Exhibition.  The exhibition will also feature artwork by, Susan Grey, Monique Brent and myself.

To rsvp to exhibition and the Blue Bridge Jazz Series event Follow this link
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See their art work below
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