Inspired by Inspiration

Haylee Purdy

Every other year I participate in the Arts Alive program at E.H. Greene Intermediate School where I along with other artist from other disciplines shared our work with the students of the school. When I arrived to set up my display I was blown away by the artwork exhibited in the hallway. Latter I found out that the work created by the six grade class was inspired by their field trip to The Weston Art Gallery to see the exhibition Ascending Horizons. I would like to thank art educators Amy Glaser and Katy Hall for encouraging such great masterpieces. Thank you Principal Phil Hackett and Debbie Fiedette and other organizers of Arts Alive for making my visit at E.H. Greene one to remember. Most of all I would like to thank the students of E.H.Greene for inspiring me. Its times like this where the journey from my love for art as a youth and where I am today comes full Circle.

Abby Hallock

Allison Flavin

Andrew Quantz

Austin Reynolds

Bria Million

Isabelle Augustin

Bria Williams

Kevin Lawson

Laura Sester

Maddie Lane

Maddie Stuhlreyer

Marie Williams

Nao Iijima

Norika Ito

Priya Malla

Raechel McCoy

Richard Nardi

Samantha Rohr

Yuto Nakahata

8 thoughts on “Inspired by Inspiration

  1. Dear Mr. Cox

    Thank you very much for choosing my piece of art you have been an inspiration to me for a long time and I really appreciate it thanks again.

  2. Thanks For Comming, I really liked working on this project with my Pupils.
    Hope someday you could do a picture of the school, and mabye teaching a class.

    Thanks Again,
    Andrew Torres — Blue Wing Student

  3. Ugh!!! That pic up there is SERIOUSLY n.o.t. my best! I mean really! I LOVVVEE art so much, and I’m sooo awesome at it ( Not to be petty, or anything like that…) But then the one picture that i DIDNT put 110% into… goes on the internet. But Hey! At least it went on Cedric Cox’s website. Talk about my IDOL!! Luv ur work.
    (P.s. Member arts alive at my school? I was the girl that was crazy enough to walk you to you and ask you to sign my hand. LOL!!)

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