Remembering Tom Shaw

From the Corcoran Gallery of Art to the Taft Museum of Art’s Duncanson Artist -in -Residence to the first local Black solo art show at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Thom Shaw has a remarkable list of achievements, but I believe for anyone who knew Thom up close or at a distance knew his drive – his dedication and his pursuit of truth in all that he expressed. The personal search to communicate clearly what and why, not only with fractured social images like Poverty’s Paradise, but also with his own health developments – The Big Hurt. His solid black and white imagery was clear to any viewer, regardless of opinion. Even in a work like Thugzilla, Thom referenced ideas that were so predominant they had a life of their own.
Thom’s health did interrupt him repeatedly through out his career, but every time he got back up, we were all waiting for that next piece that reminded us that life and the time we have on this earth is sacred and that we must make are mark in the time we have. Tom made his mark on all who knew him and his work. We thank you for sharing your vision with us.

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Cincinnati Contemporary Artist: Back to School

This past fall I had the privilege and honor to visit Westwood Elementary School and Mt. Airy Middle School as a guest artist. At Westwood Elementary I was the instructor for the Cincy AfterSchool Art Club. For four weeks I worked with students on lessons in drawing, painting and collage. Continue reading

Klee Versus Cox

Untitled by Paul Klee

Untitled by Paul Klee

Over Thanksgiving holiday while visiting friends and family in New York I went to the Museum of Modern Art. On the sixth floor of the museum the exhibition Bauhaus 1919–1933: Workshops for Modernity was going on. Bauhaus, or house of building, was a School in Germany that was famous for its unique workshops that forged new disciplines in design, architecture, fine art and crafts that contributed advances in modernist architecture and art. Continue reading

Thank You, Professor Tarrence Corbin

“You must start from the general to get to the specific.” “It’s not how much work you do in one day that counts, its how much work you do well in that day.” These are just a few of the memorable and helpful words of encouragement of Professor Tarrence Corbin that echo in my mind as I work in the studio. Continue reading