Brian Joiner and Paul Klee, Sources of Inspiration for the exhibition “Inspired” at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center” currated by Saad Ghosen


Brian’s Dream by Cedric Michael Cox inspired by the work of Paul Klee and Brian Joiner

flyer for Inspirationexhbition

Join me Saturday January 18th  from 6 – 8 pm,  for the opening reception of  Inspiration at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center. This exhibition will feature artist who created works of art inspired by the people and places that inspire them. The work that I submitted for the show was inspired by two paintings by German Swiss painter, Paul Klee and a painting by Cincinnati based painter Brain Joiner. Gallery talk for this show  will be on Saturday February  5th, from 1 – 3  and the exhibition will continue through March 1st.
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Remembering Tom Shaw

From the Corcoran Gallery of Art to the Taft Museum of Art’s Duncanson Artist -in -Residence to the first local Black solo art show at the Cincinnati Art Museum, Thom Shaw has a remarkable list of achievements, but I believe for anyone who knew Thom up close or at a distance knew his drive – his dedication and his pursuit of truth in all that he expressed. The personal search to communicate clearly what and why, not only with fractured social images like Poverty’s Paradise, but also with his own health developments – The Big Hurt. His solid black and white imagery was clear to any viewer, regardless of opinion. Even in a work like Thugzilla, Thom referenced ideas that were so predominant they had a life of their own.
Thom’s health did interrupt him repeatedly through out his career, but every time he got back up, we were all waiting for that next piece that reminded us that life and the time we have on this earth is sacred and that we must make are mark in the time we have. Tom made his mark on all who knew him and his work. We thank you for sharing your vision with us.

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Brian Joiner Retrospective was a Hit!

Thanks to all who attended the Brian Joiner Retrospective Exhibition on April 23rd at the studio of Mary Barr Rhodes. The exhibition celebrated the life and work of Cincinnati’s finest artist Brian Joiner. The evening was hosted by Pamela and Lennel Myricks, Mary Barr Rhodes, Margie and Allen Schneider, Mary Hieder, Brian Huehls, Shirley Hudson, Annie Bolling, Bill Ross,Tamara Harkavy, Sara Pearce, Leslie Shiels, Robert S. Duncanson Society, and Ace Hardware in Clifton and many others who contributed in an endless effort in making the event one of the top art extravaganzas of the year. Music by Eugene Goss and Triage filled the room as the art hung by guest curators Anthony Becker, Mark Harris, Matt Morris, David Rosenthal and myself gave the attendees a vivid review of Brian’s amazing talent. As many of you in the arts community may know Brian Joiner is battling cancer, but along with the help of his friends he is putting up a good fight.
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Reaching for the Stars

On May 3rd 2010, I along with seven other young entrepreneurs was honored with the Reaching for the Stars Program, Leader of the Future Award. The event took place at Robert Paideia Academy. Sallie Elliot the founder of the Program and former Cincinnati Bengal and past Leader of the Future Recipient, now NFL game analyst Solomon Wilcots hosted the event. Congressman Steve Driehaus and attorney Stanley M. Chesley were on the roster to hand out the awards to some of our cities finest leaders in education, business, and medicine. The real high light of the afternoon was watching four Paideia students form the 7th and 8th grade be recognized for there had work throughout the school year. Hats off to Chris Ringer, Benjamin Stieritz, India Roach, and Luis Temaj, for their hard work in and out of the classroom. They are our next leaders of the future. Photograph by Sean Kelly.

Drawing at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center

Winter and spring of this year I had the pleasure of teaching my first series of drawing classes at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center. The classes explored the definition of drawing with projects that utilized various materials and mediums. The lessons referenced periods in art history with a contemporary mindset that focuses the student’s personal interest.  The students and I had a blast working together. This summer I will be one of the Visual arts Coordinators for the Kennedy Heights Summer Camp. I will keep you posted on our success.